Dr. Rudolph Crew named as finalist for Superintendent: An epic domino effect for DeKalb taxpayers!

The DeKalb County Board of Education (DCBE) has named Dr. Rudolph Crew as the top and final contender for the next superintendent position. DeKalb is the third largest district in the state of Georgia. According to the school board officials, Dr. Crew was the only candidate filtered through a pool of 68 applicants that were preselected through a third-party process. It was reported that Board member Stan Jester did have concerns about selecting Dr. Crew and though it is not apparent that it was a unanimous decision, Dr. Crew will sign his contract in May 2020.  A part of the selection process included input from 1900 community members and it is not specific if they were provided with contender names or a survey on characteristics of an effective leader.

Dr. Rudolph Crew appears to hold all of the credentials and qualifications to hit the ground running.  On the surface, you will find that he has been the administrator, chancellor, and president in New York City and Miami-Dade County school districts as well as a host of other accolades.  It is no dispute that he has a full range of experience within the school system and the charismatic appeal to gain the interest of some recruiting officials.

However, when you peel back Dr. Crew’s layers you will find a turbulent laundry list.  If you recall, the citizens of  DeKalb just went through a spin cycle which ended by mutual agreement with the school board and Dr. Steven Green the prior Superintendent?  The citizens and students of DeKalb as well as the administrators, staff, and teachers deserve to know more about Dr. Crew and make an informed decision on whether he should be awarded the contract in May 2020.


  • During his tenure as Chancellor in New York, it was reported that Dr. Crew “renewed contracts for superintendents with clear records of failure and promoted tenure for principals who had presided over failing schools.”
  • The New York School Board Voted Dr. Crew out as Chancellor with one board member stating that “Crew did not aggressively tackle the problems.” This article further reported that an investigation found that principals and teachers helped students pass standardized tests in order to improve their school performance records. More importantly, he did not support a proposal to assist the lower-income children with vouchers and promoted teachers based on seniority instead of their performance.
  • A petition signed by students of Medgar Evers College requested the removal of Dr. Crew, stating that he was an absentee president and included allegations of misappropriation of funds from a 2016 audit.  In addition, this petition alleged that there was bullying, intimidation, and wrongful terminations.
  • There is another article that “Dr. Crew’s was already out,” reported in July 2019, and that a discrimination suit had been filed from a former Medgar Evers top official.
  • The Miami-Dade County School Board parted ways with Dr. Crew based on “irreconcilable differences” along with a $66 million budget shortfall and further accusations of discrimination by several employees.
  • In 2013, while he was Oregon’s chief educator Crew billed the state for thousands of dollars in personal travel expenses.


DeKalb residents you have a voice and can exercise your rights by voting in the June 9th election by absentee voting as well as by vehemently turning up for the upcoming virtual town halls with Dr. Crew from 6:30-7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 29 and Thursday, April 30.  Questions for Dr. Crew will need to be submitted by noon on Tuesday, April 28 by emailing in advance to dcsdsupesearch@dekalbschoolsga.org or calling 678-676-0722.   Panels that will be held by the school board will be accessible through this site https://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/communications/dstv .

It is clear that we need an executive administrator that can take the realm in the midst of the needs of the children, teachers, and citizens of DeKalb.  I believe that other top contenders from the pooled (67 applicants) should be revisited and the contractual offer rescinded for Dr. Crew. The school board leaders of DeKalb should be focused on finding a leader that will restore the citizen’s faith in their selection process.

A clear and transparent hiring process, along with a  plan of action to deal with the current COVID19 pandemic, as well as strategic plans for future E-SPLOST and Go Bond referendums are needed by the DeKalb County Board of Education.  This is one of the primary reasons that I am seeking election to ensure a check and balance system is implemented for the children and residents of DeKalb County.

Vote 5th District Board of Education

Dr. Delores H. Brinkley



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