COVID 19: Safe Protective Measures


With the emerging threat from the COVID-19 becoming a global pandemic, groups with weak immune systems such as the elderly, pregnant, children, and those with compromised health issues should reduce their exposure to pathogenic risks. The current government advisories are informing the public to prepare; the guidelines that they have recommended should be implemented.  Here are some additional and feasible practices to protect you and your family.  These safety and protective measures could limit your risk to exposure.

  • Avoid hospitals, outpatient facilities, elective or invasive procedures, and dental visits that can wait, rescheduled in approximately (4 – 6) months
  • Reframe from visiting a sick or bedridden family member unless they are in imminent or critical medical conditions
  • Avoid taking the entire family to the hospital or medical facilities, especially those with weakened immune systems for any unnecessary visits to the hospital, medical establishments, or nursing home facilities
  • Keep latex gloves and Lysol wipes in your possession they could be used with shopping carts, handrails, buses, subways, and other events when you are in large crowds
  • Avoid public restaurants and outings where you will have to pull from a buffet with shared tongs
  • Wipe down your keyboards, cell phones, tablets and reduce your technology usage while in public outings/ events where you could be distracted and forget best practices or have additional droplets that are transported back to your home
  • Do not kiss or allow your pets to have contact with your face/ don’t adopt any stray animals
  • Place Vicks vapor rub under your nose region or Neosporin when you are in large crowds



Disclaimer-These recommendations are only suggestions that may reduce your public exposure level however, they are not exhaustive and if you need medical attention please follow up with your local health authorities or physician.


Delores Harrell, Psy.D. M.P.H.


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