Major Airline changes uniforms based on health concerns! Have they examined the full etiology and the synergistic facts?

Airline crewmembers experience a paramount of medical issues that have continued to be a major occupational health concern. Currently, American Airline’s pilots and flight attendants are reporting aversive health reactions to what they believe to be textile issues with their uniforms. This has resulted in litigation efforts with the vendor as well as a change in future uniform merchandising.  It appears that American Airlines is taking precautionary measures in selecting a different uniform vendor.  With the uniform changes, it is possible that some of the airline crew will report feeling better however, this could be a placebo effect?  Additional variables might be the primary cause or contributor to the health complaints being reported.

A common goal for most airlines includes exceeding the competition by having the best and fastest aircraft tailored to the customer’s needs. This means larger customized seating, huge overhead bins, as well as great reception for the IOT {Internet of Things}. These amenities will satisfy business travelers and customers on long trips. In order to have these accommodations, the aircraft will need the cutting edge technology to handle Wi-Fi gadgets, IOT, and streaming devices, while also avoiding any interference with the plane’s flight chronology.

The metal infrastructure of the plane poses a significant EMF exposure to the aircraft members as well as the customers. The key issues that the airline industries have failed to address are the intense, prolonged and chronic exposure for crewmembers during a flight. The majority of flights consist of strong electromagnetic and radiofrequency risks for crew members and frequent flyers. It’s like a domino effect when it comes to examining the causation of medical complaints and industry leaders should factor in all of the potential variables to assist them in developing the best resolution.

The synergistic effects from potential textiles with formaldehyde, coupled with EMF & EMR in a magnetic aircraft make up a formula for high occupational health hazards. Here is a great article about Synergism between magnetic fields and formaldehyde that addresses these compounding agents.  Thus, the electromagnetic radiation and its compounding effects when coupled with other agents like formaldehyde should be considered. The aircraft has the potential to expose the crew and consumers to EMF/EMF, dirty electricity, and cosmic radiation exposure. With public awareness growing and more medical issues becoming prevalent, it is imperative to examine all health hazards.

The National Toxicology Project conducted a $30 million study and found clear evidence of tumors in the hearts of male rats, and some evidence of tumors in the brain (malignant gliomas) and adrenal glands from exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR). However, these findings relied upon 2G and 3G frequencies and did not include any of the current 4G, 4LTE, or 5G technology. In addition, numerous peer-reviewed studies, renowned scientists, medical professionals, researchers, and journalists are raising awareness about the alarming effects of RFR/EMF exposure. Studies have found cancers in other body regions, lymphoma, heart arrhythmia and palpitations, onset of Type2 diabetes, neuropathy,  DNA damage, leaking of the (BBB) blood-brain barrier, oxidative stress, cognitive decline, melatonin reduction, lower sperm count, neurodevelopmental disorders, migraines, congenital abnormalities, brain fog, autism, and attention disorders.

Though the airline patrons might be on airplane mode, there are incessant amounts of radiofrequency and dirty electricity that illuminate within the aircraft. This radiation poses imminent public health harm to airline crew leading to higher occupational health issues and frequent flyers who are likely unaware of the potential risk. In addition, longer flights pose additional problems with exposure to cosmic radiation for the entire crew and patrons aboard. The National Council Radiation Protection has reported on some of the cosmic radiation exposures based on ionizing effects, but the examination of non-thermal or non-ionizing health issues during air travel remain unreported. In addition, when consumers have limited or low power on their devices, it contributes to an influx of these instruments having to work harder to maintain their signal strength. Furthermore, when consumers power-up from airplane mode upon landing, there is another surge of radiation thrusting through the cabins. It is important for airline crew and flight patrons to be aware of the increased exposure from radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields. This is especially critical for vulnerable populations that include electro-hypersensitive, elderly, pregnant women, and children


National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements. Ionizing radiation exposure of the population of the United States. Report No. 160. Recommendations of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP).Bethesda, MD: National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, 2009.

Soffritti, M. , Tibaldi, E. , Padovani, M. , Hoel, D. G., Giuliani, L. , Bua, L. , Lauriola, M. , Falcioni, L. , Manservigi, M. , Manservisi, F. and Belpoggi, F. (2016), Synergism between sinusoidal‐50 Hz magnetic field and formaldehyde in triggering carcinogenic effects in male Sprague–Dawley rats. Am. J. Ind. Med., 59: 509-521. doi:10.1002/ajim.22598

About the author:
Delores Harrell, Psy.D., M.P.H.
EMF Activist, CEO/Founder @_Anutrend
President & Branding Strategist, @MotleyDeEnterprises,
Professor, Life coach, Freelance writer

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