“Teachers and other duties as assigned!” What exactly would this mean when it comes to an active shooter?


Teachers serve a multitude of roles in their daily duties as instructional guides for their students.  To add the graven task of being armed in the classroom would be a catastrophic calamity!

Here are some valid points to consider:

Students spend over ½ of their childhood and teenage years being nurtured and guided by their teachers.

Teachers are responsible for implementing and teaching the curriculum, along with managing their classroom.

Teachers are humans and could have their own mental health issue and/ or dysfunctional relationships.

A student might have mental health challenges or have parents/siblings/ or other relatives with these issues, as well as the potential for domestic difficulties at home.

Home and environmental issues have been known to enter the classroom, if teachers are singled out as having a weapon in the classroom, the volatile person might enter this area first.

Student bullying is paramount as well as gangs within some schools, students with knowledge of a gun on a teacher might overpower that person.

Classrooms are full of awkward tables, desks, chairs, and other instructional tools making it a congested area.

During an active shooting, the students will need to be assembled and having to accomplish this task as well as engage in disarming the violator would be overwhelming.

Given any of the above scenarios, a gun inside the classroom would be a receipt for disaster.  Students should not be preoccupied with determining which instructor has a weapon inside their classroom.  Would it be possible for this weapon to get in the wrong hands, misfires, and inadvertently hit a student?

Allowing a teacher to have a gun inside the classroom is fundamentally wrong and goes against the grain of their expected role.  Students would be equally traumatized if any of their teachers had to engage in an active shooting within the classroom.  Let the teachers focus on their current teaching duties and responsibilities.  Alternative methods to handle violence and classroom shootings should be explored; this is not a viable option.  Ultimately, arming teachers is not a good resolution.

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