Who knew the wonders of that little blue pill?


I always frowned upon hearing that someone had the desire to use a pill to stimulate their sexual desires.  I wondered why this wasn’t just a natural instinct or if the person had tried any visual imagery to improve their sexual drive?

Seven years ago, I learned that one of my relatives had expired after taking this ‘blue pill’ along with their phenobarbital.  It is likely that one physician did not know what the other one had prescribed. Today with the advances in technology, medication regimens, and cross-interactions are now being addressed and prevented.  Given that I had loss a relative to the potential interventions from this inconsequential drug, I was less inclined to see any benefits.

That was until the summer of 2015 when I was faced with the administrative and medical decisions for another relative, with 4th stage congestive heart failure.  I had been told to prepare for the worse and that became a quick reality when they were bed-ridden and unable to physically do anything. The physical therapy program had terminated their services because they were unable to get my relative mobile.  Plans for hospice discharge where taking place and the treatment team had ultimately came to their conclusion.  I began a quest for information, searching for something that could turn this around, our family had already loss so many relatives to heart disease, cancer, and strokes.

Here’s what I learned, the treatment team had placed my relative on Milrinone and they had this drip in their arm for over two weeks, keeping them in a near catatonic state.  During my independent searches, it became apparent that this drug should only be administered for 48 to 72 hours.  I insisted on a consultation and advocated for the removal of this comatose drug.  This is when Dr. Kelly McCants joined the panel and informed me that we could try another method that might provide my loved one with a little more time.  By the way, my loved one had been given 2 weeks and no more than 2 months.  I’m grateful that Dr. McCants was willing to introduce the blue pill to assist and stimulate my relative’s heart condition.  I wanted to share this experience and encourage caregivers and families to remain vigilant in seeking the best options for their loved ones.  In a few months (June 2018, we will be at (3) years of life) after a terminal diagnosis and being placed on the Hospice list, it wasn’t their time.  Thanks again to Dr. McCants, he has relocated his practice to another state, however, the blue pill still reigns as the prescriptive for providing my loved one with a new lease on life.

P.S. We are now able to go on long walks and even complete (2) levels of mall shopping and other errands with a few breaks, so it was really a life-changing event.

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